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last minute ski deals

All of the last minute ski deals here which include flights in the package are fully ATOL bonded and any accommodation-only last minute ski holidays are covered by the Travel Trust.

last minute ski

With record last minute ski bookings, why are so many disappointed, and how can you beat the system?

last minute ski deals

Here are 3 simple tips that explain why you might have struggled in the past, and how to land the best last minute ski holidays in future:

1. Search the "fresh" last minute ski deals in the morning, and call to book straight away.

My first tip explains "when" the industry insiders get the best deals. I've told all my friends and customers the answer to this...and its simple too...just go look for deals in the morning, not the afternoon or evening!

Why? It's because of how online ski holidays work – basically all the websites update overnight (i.e. not in real time, like the booking systems we travel professionals use). The new deals will appear when you go look in the morning, but the best deals get seen by everyone, so they start to sell out during the day. The upshot is that skiers who go look, and then call to book that very morning, are likely to find those online ski deals are still available...those who do it after work in the evening will be less successful.

2. Don't procrastinate or try to wait for a little extra discount – if you spot it, grab it!

My second tip is that "procrastination" is the enemy of any attempt to book a last minute ski deal. Every day, I tell people who are deliberating over a ski trip, "there is only 1 of these rooms left, it is the cheapest one in 'x' ski resort, everyone else will see this too, if you want it, you must grab it"...only to get a call back from them, a whole day later, saying "we'd like to book that ski deal now…" and of course by then it has long gone. I'm unsure why they don't take the urgency seriously – maybe they think I'm just trying to sell them something, or maybe it's human nature to think the world will work the way we want it to...either way, the people who get the best ski deals are those who realise that waiting for one final thirty quid discount is really only going to lose you the whole thing. Carpe diem

3. For the very cheapest last minute ski holidays, take your snow mates.

The cheapest last minute ski deals are usually for groups of 4, because the most available ski accommodation, in the last week before departure, is the self catering apartment - most of these are for up to 4 or more, and those amazing prices you see online are for "maximum occupancy". If you put only 2 people in an apartment for 4, it's unlikely to be the same price per person.

In the past, only a few intrepid deal hunters went looking for last minute ski deals online, but now it has become the norm. It's good because tour operators are discounting more at the last minute, but it's tough because you're searching in competition with thousands of other bargain hunters.

Follow these three simple rules and finding a last minute ski deal is easy - happy hunting!

last minute ski and me

I should also say that, while this website is my place to talk about how to find and book last minute ski, all the packages here are fully ATOL bonded and 100% financially protected by the Travel Trust Association, via SNO Ski. If I mention or recommend a holiday or supplier here, I'll only do so when it's fully protected and bookable through SNO. It's great to find cheap last minute ski holidays, but don't take risks by booking without financial protection.

I've been finding people last minute ski packages here at SNO Ski since last winter, but have to admit the two guys best at it are Seth and Ned. If you'd like help hunting for the best ski bargains, or you want to bag a bargain before the best are sold, call them and they'll make sure you get the best last minute ski deal. They're usually on split shifts (one on earlies and one on lates) so you might want to try calling them both. They don't mind if I give you their numbers here: Seth is on 020 3472 8845 and Ned is on 020 3472 8849.

You can call us on the main number on the top right of this site, or phone one of the last minute ski specialists I mentioned above on their direct numbers.

last minute ski holidays

You can tell us what info you'd like to read here about last minute ski holidays and we'll try to make sure we cover everything you've ever wanted to know about last minute ski.

This is going to be an information and advice site about last minute ski holidays - for now I'm working on many different projects within the site, so please keep checking back to spot when I start writing more about last minute ski deals. I expect to be uploading lots more useful content on last minute ski holidays within the next few months (it will take a little time to do a decent amount of research and write the features). In the meantime, thanks for your patience - I hope the wait will be worth it!

last minute skiing

We've been putting together a feed directly to our database from the servers which handle Crystal ski last minute holidays, Inghams last minute ski deals, Thomson ski late deals, Neilson last minute ski holidays, Ski World last minute chalets, First Choice Ski late availability, Ski Total last minute catered chalets and more.

We now have all of their last minute ski deals live on this website - more than anyone else online - and you can book them with their ATOL bonded partner, the ski travel giant SNO Ski (my day job).

Please check back often to see our uber list of last minute ski packages from all of the big tour operators. Remember tip number 1 and visit us in the morning, for fresh and unsold last minute ski offers. If you want help from the best, phone us with your requirements, we can put one of our last minute ski experts on your case and they'll check the latest deals for you.

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